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Coach Bios

Christopher Mielke
651 357-0619

Certified Trainer/Bootcamp Instructor
Fitness Training Manager USAF
Certified Sports Psychology Coach
Sport Nutrition Certified
Dragon Door HKC Instructor
Emergency Medical Technician
Elite Level Obstacle Course Racer
Proud father of three beautiful girls

Sarah Phenow
763 350-6985

Certified Trainer/Bootcamp Instructor
Defensive Tactics Instructor
Sport Nutrition Certified
Dragon Door HKC Instructor
Certified BLS Skills
Competitve Triathlete/Runner
Mother of two fantastic boys

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What people are saying.....


 Sarah S

This is the class I never knew I was looking for. I have found a fitness routine that I love, and I can't wait to work out with Chris and Sarah each time! The classes are challenging and empowering, and each workout is different. They find a way to make it fun, really support you in achieving your goals, and push you to challenge yourself no matter what your fitness level is going in. I also can't forget to mention that I absolutely love that their classes are outside. Their combination of outdoor, challenging, supportive, fun affordable workouts is the perfect formula for me! Thank you so much for helping me find a love of working out, Sarah and Chris!

Beryl F

This is my first time doing No Quit Fit and I'm addicted!! Not only are the work outs challenging but they are constantly changing, making it more exciting and forcing your body to work out in different ways! I love the sore feeling I get the next day after a NQF workout because I'm constantly reminded of all the different parts of my body and how they are being made stronger!
On top of the awesome work outs, NQF is also good for your mental health. These trainers are the most supportive and encouraging people to have during your work out. They always point out how well you are doing and also encourage you to challenge yourself, maintaining the whole time that you can and will do it!!
I love being outside with such a great community of work out partners, strengthening my body and mind and the whole time doing it with a smile on my face!

Elspeth W

Words can't express my love for No Quit Fit. I consider myself a fitness enthusiast/athlete and have been constantly looking for a new challenge my entire adult life; whether it's marathons, CrossFit, yoga, etc... There's always a new fitness fad that's fun and challenging for a while but nothing holds a candle to the creativity and encouragement of the No Quit Fit workouts and trainers. They come to my corporate workplace once a week and the success has been incredible.

Brian D

No Quit Fit is always a great workout! The biggest difference that makes me always go back to NQF is that while I feel myself become physically stronger, I am also mentally stronger! The mental toughness carries into my everyday life! There is only encouragement from the instructors and they only want to see you succeed! The atmosphere is always extremely positive and motivating, NEVER negative! No Quit Fit is AWESOME!

Jeff C

No matter what your goals are for fitness and exercise No Quit fit will not only help you achieve and exceed them but will provide a foundation for continued health and fitness for years ahead. Their classes are intense, fun, and provide a full body workout that get results. You can use their class as your exclusive workout or as a compliment to other training you might be doing. Most of the exercises they use can be done at home or wherever you might be.

Mindy B

I have tried lots of different workouts but haven't loved them like the workout from No Quit Fit. Chris and Sarah are so supportive and encouraging -- They help to push you to your full potential! The workouts are always different and I can't wait to see each time what creative name they have come up with

Nora F

Thank you for kicking my butt and pushing me to be my best! I am constantly challenged, praised, and motivated at boot camp (and sore- which is great!)

Chelsea P

I have been attending No Quit Fit since the beginning of summer, and even the freezing Minnesota weather hasn't stopped me from coming! I love the encouragement of the trainers and their great optimistic attitudes. Classes never get boring and routines are never repeated. Although many people who attend are out of college, I am still in school and think that this class is great for young athletes as well as older. The trainers also love to help everyone reach any goal that they have set. Chris have even offered to join me in my marathon training so I can reach the goal that I am set on! Even though it's not the typical gym environment, the outdoors, I have learned, are the best place to work out. I actually look forward to working out with No Quit Fit and won't ever have to find a new gym again!

Debbie M

Every workout is a challenge!! Chris and Sarah motivate you to step outside your comfort zone and push limits to get stronger, ultimately achieving results and fitness goals!

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